PA Coworking Conference Summary 


The Candy Factory and Radius CoWork partnered to create the FIRST ever coworking conference that UNITED the PA coworking community.  

The coworking industry is growing at an impressive rate. Several space operators, owners, and members have recognized the need to convene and discuss philosophies dealing with building community and the importance of collaboration, sustainability, accessibility, and health to expand the reach of their knowledge to others. This guide provides summaries to informative discussions that took place during the conference. Read more about the discussions from the conference!

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What Kind of Information Does This Summary Contain?

With the summary guide to the PA Coworking Conference, you can learn about a breadth of topics including how to build community by engaging your members, how to utilize local government, how to market most efficiently, and much more!


Coworking provides anyone a flexible and customizable environment to work. It supports whatever setting people feel most successful in while providing them with resources and technology that can increase their output.

Discover Coworking aims to share the success stories of founders, operators, and even members of coworking spaces. The span of coworking’s success reaches internationally. Thus, we do not only want to share local success stories but go global. Discover Coworking wants to promote growth and collaboration by cultivating a global coworking community.

PA Coworking Conference Summary